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Entry #2

The Show4You

2010-03-27 12:51:13 by wermusam

So this site is amazing. I put stuff up yesterday and am already at over 400 views for both of my skits. That's more than I have gotten in months on youtube. I appreciate the reviews too they are very helpful to me. Check out my other skits on where The Show4You is starting to pick up: ion=com_content&view=category&layout=b log&id=70&Itemid=249

Could anybody advise me on how to market this show more? In one day I've had more views from newgrounds than youtube,vimeo, myspace, and facebook. I'm trying to put this stuff out there because my dream is to one day put The Show4You on tv. I'm starting a project that will improve the animation a lot.

All the best,

Adam Wermus

The Show4You


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